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We polled a dozen real estate professionals in Frisco, Texas to see what they thought or what they had heard about ADT security systems. Their reviews are very consistent with what we see reviewed online, that ADT is middle of the road when it comes to home security systems. ADT is probably the most recognized brand out there due to their long history of marketing their services, so they are the most used home security system, according to Consumer Reports.

The reviews that we received were varied across the board, but generally, ADT received about 3.75 stars out of a possible 5 according to our research. We looked on a couple other review websites, and the results were varied as well, so we will stick with what our Frisco realtors told us.

  1. Customer Service – Shoddy at best. This depends on what customer service representative you get, and how long they have been with ADT. If our realtors clients contacted someone who had been with the company for a long period of time, they were often times very knowledgable, but also somewhat grumpy. One person described their conversation with the ADT representative as disinterested. ‘The ADT rep did not seem to really care about my problem, all they wanted to do was get me scheduled with a service tech so they could get me off the phone and go on with their day. They made me feel stupid, and I was less than thrilled when I got off the phone.’
  2. Equipment – ADT makes up for their poor customer service with first class equipment. They have top of the line monitors, have sensors installed all over homes, keychains are distributed to customers, along with indoor cameras, smoke detectors, etc. They have the equipment to really make the customer feel safe when they are signed up with ADT.
  3. Equipment Warranty – Terrible, according to our poll takers. This was given 1.5 stars out of a possible 5. Some sensors had been damaged by weather and condensation on the inside of windows, and ADT made the customer pay for the sensor. Pretty awful on their part.
  4. Ability to Relocate – Again, not very good here. ADT got a 3.25 out of a possible 5. Relocation should be easy, especially when it comes to a cable company, security company, or a phone company. This isn’t one of ADT’s strong suits, and we noticed that a lot of their customers that had reviewed this service were not happy.

Overall, we’d say that ADT didn’t receive a very good review from our poll. Like we said in the last post, Frontpoint is pretty much leading the way in terms of customer satisfaction from an overall viewpoint. But ADT is the big dog in the industry, and you will find that they sell the most security systems out there, and maintain the most plans among the national base.

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