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From time to time, we will ask poll questions to people who see and hear a ton of security system stories. Mostly, this is realtors because they see a lot of home security systems installed. This last week, we polled 10 realtors in Cincinnati Ohio to ask what they thought was the best security system on the market. Out of everyone that we have polled, the answer to the question ‘What is the best home security system’ is not unanimous, but it’s pretty close. Frontpoint Security Systems are the number one security system on the market. You can’t get much better than them in a number of areas. Those reasons are listed below:

  1. Customer service – Every representative seems to be genuinely concerned about your well being, and doesn’t really care about landing a commission on the back end of your call. They are quick, responsive, and helpful. When something goes wrong such as a security system malfunctions (which according to them doesn’t happen very often), or a cellular connection goes down, they are quick to help customers find a solution.
  2. Cost – This is not cheap, but it’s transparent. Last time we checked, pricing was listed on their website, and there are no upcharges for adding an extra cellular line,¬†or if something is broken, they are quick to replace it free of charge. That is not the norm in the home security system industry.
  3. Cellular monitoring. This is different from other security systems that have hard wiring as their monitoring device. If a burglar comes in to break into your home, the cellular monitoring will still get through to Frontpoint, and alert your local Police station via 911 call. Translation – There is no worry over wires being cut and you being in danger of not having the authorities notified in case of an accident.
  4. Along the same lines as cellular monitoring, Frontpoint has smash and grab protection, meaning that if a burglar tries to disable your security system by simply smashing it, Frontpoint sends is notified and immediately calls your cell phones/landlines on file to see if you need further help. Cell phone is always first, landline is second, unless no cell phone is identified.

Pamela Kurtz, a real estate professional in Cincinnati, was asked what she thinks of the Frontpoint system. She responded ‘I think it’s the best security system out there because of the service that the company offers. Their awareness of what questions each customer will ask is always spot on, and they seem to have the answers before the customer is done asking their question’.

Because of all the input we received, we have given Frontpoint our 2015 ‘Best Security System of the Year’ award. Very well done to Frontpoint.

Next time on Home Security Systems Alarm we are going to review ADT.

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