Questions to ask before buying a Home Security Alarm System

Because most people don’t know what questions they should ask before they buy a Home Security System, we will help you out! The questions you should ask are:

  1. How much does it cost? There are simply home security systems that you can buy online for as little as 30 bucks, or you can purchase something from a very reputable company like Frontpoint for upwards of $300 (depending on specials). Make sure you shop around before you buy a home security system and ask at least 3 companies the same questions before making a decision.
  2. What is the Installation process? This is very important, and has been scrutinized throughout the industry. You want to make sure that your control panels are somewhere that you can get to right when you open the door without having to navigate your way through your house before turning them off. How long will it take the technician to install the system properly? What if the installer does not do their job correctly, is there another person to come out and re-do the work? All very important questions to ask when deciding on a home security system.
  3. What are the different monitoring options I have? There are many different systems out there, and there are many different options to every system. You should be aware of the different sensor options, keychain options, monitoring options, and notification options (very important).
  4. Probably the most important question – What happens if my home is broken into? Don’t forget to have your customer service representative ask this question. The answer should be that you and the authorities will be notified ASAP, and if nobody answers any phone lines from your home, the police will be sent to your home right away. Make sure you get a clear consistent answer to this question, and you know the facts before choosing a provider.
  5. Some of the realtors that we spoke with said that asking if you need a land line is a very important question. For Frontpoint, that answer is no, and most security alarm companies should be progressive enough to offer a cellular connection, but make sure you get the answer you are looking for with this. If you don’t have a land line, and you don’t plan on getting one, choose a company that offers the cellular connection.
  6. What are the contract terms, or do you have a contract? The answer to this should be that every company has a month to month plan that you can ask for, but the cost for the month to month may be a bit higher than a 6 or 12 month term. Clarity is needed in this answer before agreeing to a contract.

That’s about it. If you have any more questions that you think need to be asked when first contacting a Home Security Systems Alarm company, let us know below in the comment section.

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