Xfinity Home Security

We were asked recently what we thought about Xfinity Home Security, so we thought we would reach out to some of our colleagues who have Comcast Xfinity Services. Again, we chose realtors to ask because they see so many homes, and know what customers are saying.

Brad Sawatzky, a Realtor for Colorado Real Estate Pros in Fort Collins, CO said that he likes Xfinity because he the customer service is great across the board with Comcast. If one customer service rep can’t answer a question,¬†another one will. Brad also said that he loves Xfinity Home Security because the price is right. ‘This is a relatively new service compared to other home security providers out there, but they are always working to make things better’. The price of ¬†Xfinity is 29.95 to 49.95 per month currently depending on if you have other services bundled together with it. This may include an installation charge, but you can always ask for that fee to be waived if you sign a contract for 12 or 24 months.

Mike Fall, a Realtor for the Red Door Group in Broomfield, CO said that he uses Xfinity because it’s simply easier to pay the all in one package for his internet, TV, and security all in one, and he gets a cheaper rate than if he had separate service with both. ‘I was with ADT for a very long time, and I got tired of having to contact them about every little thing that was happening with my home security alarm. They were unresponsive, technicians showed up late, and they didn’t do what they said they would do on the installation. Xfinity is so much better than ADT.’

Xfinity is starting to gain traction in the Home Security Industry because of the massive reach they have. Our only worry about this is that they get so big and become much like ADT with their poor customer service habits. For now, Xfinity is getting better reviews among the population than some other large Home Security System dealers. Just be careful that you ask Comcast and Xfinity the right questions like we posted about earlier. Don’t fall into the category of the people who listen to the customer service reps tell you that their company is the best. Most reps from most companies are simply trying to win your business to gain the commission that is coming to them.

For our notes, Xfinity has been reviewed quite well by our colleagues, which gains credence with us.

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